Side effects of the drug farmapram (alprazolam)

Predominantly at the beginning of therapy with farmapram (alprazolam), patients may develop increased fatigability, somnolence, concentration disorders, dizziness, development of drug dependence as well as delayed psychomotor reactions. The risk of these side effects is higher in elderly patients. Irrespective of the age and duration of treatment, when taking farmapram, patients may develop these side […]

Mesothelioma Treatment

Treatment for mesothelioma depends on several factors such as where the cancer is located, the type, the current stage of the disease, the age of the effected patient, the overall health of the patient and their medical history. Each person that is diagnosed with mesothelioma may not always require the same method of treatment as […]

Epidemiology of Asbestos Cancer

Although reported incidence rates have increased in the past 20 years, mesothelioma is still a relatively rare cancer. The incidence is approximately one per 1,000,000. For comparison, populations with high levels of smoking can have a lung cancer incidence of over 1,000 per 1,000,000. Incidence of malignant mesothelioma currently ranges from about 7 to 40 […]